Justine S. Harrison is a busy, working actress with numerous film, TV and theater credits. Click the photo to check out her website for all of her cutting-edge news, projects and footage.
Denise Ivanoff is a New York-based actress who also sings, dances, writes, directs, and plays the piano. When not doing those things (which isn't often) she can be found coding websites, reading philosophy, studying abstract math, learning foreign languages, participating in cyber-attacks on inhumane governments, wine-tasting, and playing with dogs, all in 5-inch heels.
Julie McNamara is an NYC-based singer, actress, and improviser who is thrilled to be collaborating with these amazing ladies! She is trained in improv and musical improv at the Magnet Theater. When Julie is not singing, dancing, or thinking she's saying hilarious things, you can find her in the yoga studio either leading a practice or finding her own zen. That is, if she's not too busy finishing a large ice cream sundae- with sprinkles of course.
Cynthia Whitman's news can be found at her website
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